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The Five Founders of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.

Zeta Phi Beta was founded on January 16,1920 on the campus of Howard University by five precious pearls. Their determination enabled their ideas and values to come together to begin the most prestigious sorority to date. To read more information about the founders of Zeta Phi Beta, please read the background/history of each founder.

We have also included on this site many of Lambda Mu's accomplishments and awards. You can check these out in the Get Involved section.


The Five Pearls


There were five unique women
Who started the journey down this road
On the shoulders of those five women
Bore Zeta's first heavy load
Not once did they waiver
Or ever turn around
They taught us that a true lady of Zeta
Always stands her ground

No matter the odds, no matter the tests
Those special women taught us
To always put forth our best

Zeta was something inside
That they truly loved
Something that they knew
They would always be proud of

Now every Zeta must strive
To live the lives that they showed
For the things that they knew
We now know

Like the sky shall always be Blue
The Pearly Gates shall always be White
And when I, like my Pearls
Close my dying eyes to darkness
I shall not fear
For they help to lead me down the path
Of God that is right
I have been led by the knowledge
Of the Zeta Light

I will not stand before my maker
Hanging my head down in shame
Because I know five Zetas in Heaven
Made sure that He would be proud
To sign my name

This poem was composed by Soror Calandra Jefferson-Anderson. Copyright 1996 CALANDRA JEFFERSON.

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